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Secondary coating

On September 1rst 2020,An experienced Engineer From Dongguan KENTIE Bearing CO  Share with US one of the most important Pulley Technology---What is secondary injection: There are actually two types of secondary injection:
1. For the second injection molding machine, it needs two front molds and one back mold. The product is finished once, and it does not need to be removed from the injection molding machine halfway.
2. For injection molding with ordinary injection molding machine, it requires two front molds and two back molds. After the first injection, the semi-finished products should be removed and put into the second mold for second injection.

For example: 
ABS glue was used for the first time, PU glue was used for the second time, and the outer circle was polished by a grinder for the third time
Through the above three steps, the finished product is as follows:

Sealing mode

Most of Bearings purchaser are not good at Choosing bearings sealing type.

On September 15th 2020,Our skillful worker introduce the Different sealing Type to doubtful Purchasers world wide.

ZZ -- roller bearing with two retainers to guide the outer ring. 
DA -- Detachable double-row angular contact ball bearings with double half inner rings.Example: 3306 DA. 
DZ - roller bearings with cylindrical outer diameter.Example: ST017DZ. 
K -- tapered bore bearing, taper 1:12.Example: 2308 k. 
K30- Tapered bore bearings, taper 1:30.Example: 24040 K30. 
2LS -- double row cylindrical roller bearings with double inner ring and dust cover on both sides.Example: NNF5026VC.2LS.v -- Change of internal structure, double inner ring, two sides with dustproof cover, full roller double row  cylindrical roller bearing. 
N -- Bearing with stop groove on outer ring.Example: 6207 N. 
NR - a bearing with a stop groove and a stop ring on the outer ring.Example: 6207 NR. 
N2- - four point contact ball bearings with two stops on the outer ring.Example: QJ315N2. 
S -- Bearing with lubricating oil groove and three lubricating holes in the outer ring.Example: 23040 S.Self-aligning roller bearings with bearing outside diameter D ≥ 320mm are not marked with S. 
X -- The dimensions conform to international standards.Example: 32036 x 
ZZ -- roller bearing with two retainers to guide the outer ring. 
RSR -- bearing with sealing ring on one side.Example: 6207 RSR
2RSR -- bearing with sealing ring on both sides.Example: 6207.2 RSR.
ZR -- bearing side with dust cover.Example: 6207 ZR
2ZR bearing with dust cover on both sides.Example: 6207.2 ZR
ZRN -- bearing with dust cover on one side and stop groove on outer ring on the other side.Example: 6207 ZRN. 


Great Amazing News from DONGGUAN KENTIE BEARINGS CO.,LTD!!!!!On September 1rst 2020,Dongguan KENTIE Bearings Co Imported an High end 

Authority Instrument for Bearings Test.

Project:Laboratory--Newly SANGFENG CONTRORGRAPH.
Function:1.Highly Precision Testing Ball Bearings Surface Roughness 

&Round Shape for high End Customer.

2.Measure all kinds of precision Machinery parts,line Contour Shape parameter,the Perspective to deal with (Angle coordinate point of view&Y coordinates,Two straight line Angle)Round Handle(arc radius and center to center distance,The center of the circle to the linear distance)

Below is photo of our laboratory & Essential Japan SANFENG CONTRORGRAPH.

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